Friday, 25 Sep, 2009 Technology

Latest Invention: U3-X Battery-Powered Unicycle Developed by Honda


The latest invention developed by engineers from Honda is called U3-X. It represents an electric unicycle that helps you travel across the office or home at a speed of 3.7mph. The device is powered by a battery, which, however, can last no longer than one hour.

The gadget was developed to resemble a chair that folds up rather easily so you could take it somewhere with you. Honda's latest invention might be a step in the future of eco-friendly transportation.

The device features a built-in self-balancing system. One of its secrets lies in the single large wheel, which is composed of several smaller motor-control wheels that make it possible for U3-X to move in different directs. Watch the video in which the device goes forward, backward, diagonally and sideways.

You still need to be careful while sitting on U3-X when travelling through the office because for driving it you certainly need to have a sense of balance. Still the developers say that Honda's latest invention was created with elderly people in mind, especially those that have weak legs. The Japanese company did not give any information on whether it will commercialize the product on not, but visitors of the Tokyo Motor Show will be able to see the latest invention in October.

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