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Latest Invention: UniKey - Open and Close Doors Using a Smartphone App


UniKey is a system that serves as a high-tech alternative for a dedicated lock.

When the user approaches a UniKey deadbolt lock, the latter receives a Bluetooth signal from the user's handset.

The user only has to touch the outer side of the lock, and the bolt will electronically withdraw. The same way the lock can be engaged when the person leaves.

In case you're expecting guests, you can send a copy of your key through a text message. The user can send a key that can be used only one time, several times or a permanent use key. It is also possible to revoke the key at any time.

In addition, the user can send keys that will only work at certain times. This is useful in you have maids or babysitters, for example.

If your phone got lost, stolen or broken, you can easily reset the lock so it would work with your new phone. There are moments when you phone's battery is dead but you need to open the door quickly. In this case you can use a traditional physical key.

The system costs ranges between $149 and $199.

[via UniKey]

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