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Latest Invention: USB-Powered Jacket that Keeps You Warm in Cold Days


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Surely everyone wants to have a warm coat during severe winter's day and nights. This is why specialists at Columbia Sportswear decided to launch the Omni-Heat line of jackets.

The new garment features 2 heating packs that the wearer can charge via USB. Inside the soft casing one can find a special heat meters that provides 3 heating levels.

It is worth mentioning that the jacket is rather warm and comfy without the heating system turned on, which means that the wearer benefits from a large variety of temperature control options.

In addition, the new jacket is very functional, having a large number of pockets and chambers and boasting a soft, synthetic filling.

Probably one of the biggest drawbacks of the jacket is the bright LED light on the chest that will most likely attract the attention of people around you. There are also some LEDs inside the jacket. Thus when you take it off it will also be rather noticeable, reports Gizmodo.

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