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Latest Invention: VELVE - Light Changing OLED Panels


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Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Group teamed up with Verbatim to create the world's first commercial OLED light panels able to change colors. The invention is called VALVE.

The two companies recently presented their device at Fuori Salone in Milan. The name VALVE was taken from the word "velvet", which describes the rich saturated colors of the OLED light panels.

Besides being of different colors, the panels are also tunable - users are free to dial in the various colors; plus the panels are dimmable.

The panels can be used at home, shining bright white to wake us up in the morning and turn yellow or orange at night.

It is worth mentioning that all OLED light panels are very thin and flexible, which allows the user to install them nearly anywhere in the house and even make different shapes of out them. Each panel measures 14 by 14 centimeters.

The list of colors that the VELVE OLED panels can tune includes: red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, and 4 shades of white. The companies look forward to starting mass production of their invention this July, reports OLED Display.

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