Monday, 26 Dec, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: New Vending Machine Scans User's Age Offering Pudding to Adults Only


Having the goal of distributing its Jell-O, a pudding-like food, Kraft Foods launched a new sampling machine. The device will be now distributing Jell-O in Chicago and New York City.

But the new vending machine will not offer pudding just to anybody - it includes a special camera that detects the age of the person facing it, and if the user is a child, then the machine shuts down and asks the child to step away.

It is worth mentioning that age detection is done by analyzing the distance between eyes and ears.

The company's goal is to make sure that its food is reaching their target customer. Charlotte Maumus, Kraft's public relations representative, mentioned that this is the company's first product made only for adults, which means that it should be distributed to adults only.

[via Gizmag]

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