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Latest Invention: Vending Machine Equipped with 65-inch See-Through Display


Over the last couple of years vending machines have registered a significant improvement, offering users not only food but even movie rentals and pure gold.

One of the most advanced vending machines was presented recently by Sanden, a Japanese developer of vending machines. Together with Okaya Electronics and Intel, the device features a see-through 65-inch touchscreen display that allows the user to view animations, certain data, and targeted ads.

When it is not used, the machine attracts people by showing various animations on its high-definition screen.

It is worth mentioning that the concept makes use of facial recognition technology and Intel's Audience Impression Metrics (AIM) system. Thus it can recognize whether a person that approached it is old or young, male or female. We already heard about facial recognition, but a large transparent display for a vending machine is something new.

Besides, the device, equipped with Intel SandyBridge core, features a "public safety mode" that can show evacuation routes and other data in times of emergency.

Check out the video below to see the device in action.

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