Monday, 19 Jul, 2010 Technology

Latest Invention: Vibration-Powered Generating Battery


Brother Industries Ltd managed to come up with a vibration-powered generating battery that can be used to charge various portable devices.

The company's latest invention can be used to replace AA and AAA batteries and power gadgets that consume around 100 mW, such as flashlight or remote control.

Technically the device represents a small generator, which was developed in a way to fit in a battery-shaped case. Besides the generator, the case also features a capacitor that has a capacitance of around 500 mF.

Brother Industries Ltd thought about creating prototypes in which both the generator and the capacitor fit in a single case, and models in which the two have their own cases, with the case of the capacitor having a greater voltage.

In order to recharge the flashlight or other portable device, the user simply needs to shake it. The Techno-Frontier 2010 exhibition, which will take place in Tokyo, is where Brother Industries' latest invention will be officially presented for the first time, reports Physorg.

At the exhibition, the company's representatives will carry out a demonstration that will include using the invention in an LED flashlight, a TV remote control, and a RC for lighting equipment.

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