Wednesday, 21 Oct, 2009 Technology

Latest Invention: Camera That Captures Every Moment of Your Life


This latest invention represents a camera that a person can use to take a large number of pictures everyday. Its developer is Vicon, a company with headquarters in the UK. Initially the camera was created to help people with Alzheimer's disease exercise their memories. Now the developers look forward to launch the ViconRevue on the market for everyone who wants to become a "lifelogger" - someone who tries to record as much moments of their life as possible.

The camera is worn on the neck and it automatically takes one picture every 30 seconds. When its wearer enters a new environment the camera instantly takes an image, making use of an accelerometer and light sensors. When the person enters in contact with another person the camera takes a picture using its infrared sensor that detects body heat of the individual that stands in front of the device's wearer. One gigabyte of memory is enough to store 30,000 pictures.

Scientists from Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK, were the first who came up with the idea of the device. Their invention was called SenseCam and it was created to study such dementias as Alzheimer's. Today the British company Vicon, from Oxford, UK, licensed the technology from Microsoft. Vicon is a company that focuses on motion-capture technology for the movie industry, and it looks forward to put it its latest invention into large-scale production.

The device's retail price will be GBP500 (about $820). At first the device will be marketed to scientists. It is expected that the consumer version of the device will be introduced in 2010.

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