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Latest Invention: Virtual Garage from Jaguar Land Rover


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Visitors of the British Science festival were able to witness the latest invention of Jaguar Land Rover that unveiled its GBP2.5 million ($ 4 million) virtual garage.

The company stated that the virtual garage is so far the most advanced virtual reality facility among all car-makers. It features 8 Sony 4K digital camera projectors and 22 Sun Microsystems advanced PCs.

Using a custom-made touchscreen interface control, the virtual garage could be used to build three dimensional diagrams of new vehicles. In addition, engineers will be able to use the garage to put new cars through a series of virtual tests, thus being able to verify the manufacturing and assembly process of the vehicles.

According to the manager of the Simulation Group at Jaguar Land Rover, Andy Richardson, the company wants to create a virtual factory that will allow engineers to fully evaluate the efficiency, ergonomics and warranty issues of the assembly process, informs Perrys.

"We will be adding a virtual driving simulation, including human machine interface capability and the ability to produce HD realistic photography and film to support launch and marketing" he added.

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