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Latest Invention: Virtual Holographic TV Unveiled by TCL at CES 2012


Due to the fact that the latest device presented by TCL at CES 2012 is just a concept, the company did not say a lot about the tech specs of its Virtual Holographic TV.

Visitors were able to admire a glasses-free 3D TV that has a diagonal measuring 32 inches and a depth of about 4 feet.

It should be mentioned that though the device is not really a holographic display, meaning that the onscreen objects don't actually "float", it still shows objects "popping".

In addition, the resolution is not very high, probably 720p, and it would be more accurate if the company said that its device is more an advanced glasses-free 3D TV.

This just a glimpse into the future of TV and it won't be launched onto the market any time soon.

[via Dvice]

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