Friday, 28 Sep, 2012 Technology

Latest Invention: Wall-Ye - Robot that Helps With the Vineyards


In order to ease the back-breaking work of those working at vineyards, a Frenchman decided to come up with a robot that moves through the vineyard, using 6 cameras to get a good view of vines before it begins clipping them.

Dubbed Wall-Ye, the robot boasts lots of built-in memory, being able to remember each of the 600 individual vines it can examine each day. In addition, the machine is away of the parts it trimmed the last time around.

At the moment, inventor Christophe Millot has not given Wall-Ye command to pick the precious grapes, but in the near future he might add it.

Costing US$32,000, you might think that Wall-Ye is a rather expensive toy, but it seems like high-end vineyards such as Mouton-Rothchild have shown interest in it.

[Wall-Ye, via IEEE Automaton]

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