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Latest Invention: Washit - Eco-Friendly Shower Unit and Washing Machine All-in-One


Washit is a prototype developed by 4 students from Turkey. They decided it would be cool to create a shower unit that can accumulate and filter water that can then be used for washing clothes and showering.

Initially Washit was a university assignment for Ahmet Burak Aktas, Adem Onalan, Salih Berk Ilhan and Burak Soylemez, but the quartet decided to turn their idea into reality. They managed to win the iF Concept Design Award 2012: Hansgrohe Special Award which led them towards elaborating a prototype of the apparatus.

It is worth mentioning that Washit makes use of a closed plumbing system equipped with 2 water pumps, 3 filters (carbon, organic and chemical), a UV cleaning phase, a heater and a unit in which collected water is stored.

When a user takes a shower, Washit collects used grey water and sends it through filters and UV unit and into the storage unit.

While searching for a solution that could satisfy people's everyday needs, the team came up with the idea of combining a shower and a washing machine.

[via Washit]

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