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Latest Invention: Timepiece Safe With iPad Dock Allows Winding Watches from Anywhere on Earth


Those who know a little about mechanical watches are aware of the fact that you first need to wind them before using and this process should be carried out on a regular basis in order to keep the timepiece in shape. However, in case you have several watches and you travel a lot, winding watches could be a problem.

With this in mind, Dotting decided to create the Hublot Watch Winding Safe that has enough space for 42 of your favorite watches. The device also has a pre-installed application that allows the user to control everything using the iPad.

It would be interesting to note that each winder can be controlled independently, which means that one watch can be winded more while the other less. All that is required is to slip the iPad into a dock located on top of the safe.

Another interesting thing is that you can control watches from anywhere in the world by connecting the iPad to your home network using Wi-Fi connection.

The timepieces in the safe are divided onto 2 motorized panels. These panels can be rotated in a way so the watches will not be visible for security reasons.

Probably the only drawback is the price of the safe, with the latter costing $205,000. At the same time it is worth mentioning that the safe can be connected to the client's home security system, which lowers the risk of someone attempting to still it. In addition, the safe is rather heavy, weighting around 400 ponds.

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