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Latest Invention: Weapon With Non-lethal Pain-infliction System


Of the latest inventions of Pentagon is a non-lethal weapon that can be used for crowd control. The weapon consists of a microwave pain-infliction system and can be used from an aircraft. In fact, the new weapon is an extension to the Active Denial System, which raised a lot of contradictions (you can read about this system here at; check the links at the bottom of the story).

Pentagon's Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD), based in Quantico, Virginia, asked for an upgrade of the ADS. It is worth mentioning that the US air force is raising its annual funding for ADS, which is based on its radar system, from $2 million to $10 million.

There has been some controversy linked to the ADS. Jurgen Altmann, German researcher from Dortmund University, demonstrated that the microwave beams emitted by the system can cause severe burns. After carrying out the tests in April 2007, a US airman was brought to hospital with second-degree burns.

The key feature of Pentagon's latest invention will be a compact airborne antenna that would be controlled electronically, in contrast to ADS that is steered mechanically. The antenna will have the ability to produce multiple beams, and emit the beams while on the move.

The latest invention is expected to lead to at least as much debates as the ADS did. The German scientist said: "Independent of the mode of production, with this size of antenna the beam will show variations of intensity with distance - not just a simple decrease - up to about 500 meters." He also mentioned that it would be rather complicated to shoot the bean on the move with a high accuracy rate.

According to Dave Law, head of the technology division of the JNLWD, the weapon's new antenna will feature a complex automated target-tracking system and will be able to function at the lowest possible effective power level. To note that the US Government Accountability Office carried out a cost-benefit examination and showed that at the moment the ADS has the worst results out of 8 non-lethal prototype weapons.

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