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Latest Invention: Wearable Camera that Records Every Moment of Your Life


"Autographer" is a wearable camera that captures every moment of your life. The device simply hangs on your neck and automatically captures up to 2,000 high-resolution photographs per day, having 8GB of memory. It makes use of a series of instruments to take photos and at the end of the day offers a chronicle of your day.

The device is the brainchild of the British stop-motion specialists OMG. It boasts a 136-degree wide-angle lens developed to resemble the human eye so the photos would be seen from the user's perspective.

In addition, the camera is equipped with 5 sensors - a magnetometer, color sensor, IR detector, accelerometer, and temperature sensor. The latter helps the camera determine when to take a hot based on minor changes in the environment.

You can also find a 5Mpx sensor, GPS for geotagging and screen indicators showing you battery life, memory capacity, sensor sensitivity and more. On the side the camera has a manual button so you could take picture of yourself.

It would be interesting to note that there's a smartphone application that provides connection with the camera via Bluetooth. Thus you can preview and share your images. Using custom software you are free to browse images, arrange them, create GIFs or even watch how you spend your whole day in a 5-minute stop motion video.

Initially the Autographer was developed for dementia sufferers, but it was later suggested to OMG as a great tool for travel or wedding photography and professional applications.

The device will hit the UK market in November and will be available for 399 pounds (US$649). Next countries in the list are the US and Japan.

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