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Latest Invention: Wearable LED TV from David Forbes


Recently engineer David Forbes presented the final design of his stunning wearable LED television. The invention weights just 8 pounds and is equipped with a 160x120-pixel display.

It would be interesting to note that last year the electrical engineer appeared at the Tuscon, Arizona airport were workers look at him suspiciously. This is because Forbes entered the airport wearing 160 circuit boards and a large number of electronics wrapped around his body. But everything came to normal when the inventor showed authorities an episode of The Simpsons on his wearable TV.

By making use of several old LEDs and flexible circuit boards, Forbes managed to gather, he came up with a model that features 30 rows of four LEDs each and sent it away to production for 175 more.

Here's how it works: a vest is used to offer support to an iPod, 2 light, inexpensive lithium-polymer batteries and 2 circuit boards, one of which is found at the left shoulder. This board includes a digitizing chip that helps convert the iPod video to a resolution suitable for the display. Ethernet-like cables are used to send the data from the iPod to the four screens.

Four boards are located as follows: 2 on shoulders and 2 on hips. They make up the full screen. With the help of ribbon cables, signals are set to the three small chips on each of the flexible circuit boards found on the vest's chest and back. Then the chips found in each of the circuit boards activate and deactivate the LEDs at a rate of 360 times per second, thus generating what we see as television.

[via PopSci]

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