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Latest Invention: World's Largest Interactive Touchscreen from Stereolize


Stereolize, a German firm that focuses on making inspiring presentations for different companies, has been collaborating with Microsoft. For over 8 years Stereolize helped the software giant do its thing at CeBIT.

With each new trade show the German company attempts to do something even more impressive than the last year and in 2011 it managed to amaze the audience with a giant 234-inches interactive touchscreen. Placed above Microsoft presenters, the display claims to be the biggest touchscreen in the world.

The most interesting fact about the display is that it was not made of several displays attached to form a big screen - the German firm decided to create one large display from the biggest piece of security glass that specialists could find.

According to Reiner Knollmueller from Stereolize, in order to beam the images onto the screen, the company decided to use a 30,000 ANSI Lumen projector. The latter was so powerful that it gave the impression that the display was self-illuminated.

"An invisible laser curtain generates two-dimensional position data with an update rate of 40ms, which is sufficient for content-driven presentations," said Knollmueller.

Stereolize's programmers and designers developed the final touch of the device - interactive display interface, reports iStartedSomething.

According to Knollmueller, they took advantage of the Windows Phone design and managed to create 11 different presentations that "looked and felt like 100 percent Microsoft."

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