Tuesday, 09 Feb, 2010 Technology

Latest Invention: World's Smallest Sensor that Harnesses Solar Energy


The latest invention of scientists from the University of Michigan is a self-powered sensor which claims to be the smallest in the world. The sensor makes use of solar energy which means that that can run almost perpetually.

It would be interesting to note that the solar cells along with processor and battery, incorporated in the sensor, are stored in a frame that measures only 9 cubic millimeters.

The new solar-powered sensor system can prove to be useful in a variety of applications, including new biomedical implants as well as in different building-monitoring devices. The system consumes 2,000 times less power when in sleep mode compared to other energy-efficient systems, informs Physorg.com.

Researchers developed their latest invention in a way so it would spend most of its time in sleep mode and waking every couple of seconds to carry out measurements. According to the designers, the new sensor registers an average power consumption of less than 1 nanowatt. If it is occasionally exposed to sunlight, the system can work perpetually.

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