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Latest Invention: World's Most Miniature Medical Video Camera


Medigus, the developer of medical devices, together with Tower Semiconductor, specialty chip foundry, came up with their latest invention in medical field - they claim to have created the smallest medical video camera in the world.

The two companies reported about the successful sampling of the latest CMOS imager for disposable mini-cameras developed by Medigus. Their latest invention was created to be used in disposable endoscopes or to be applied for diagnostic and surgical purposes.

Mass production of the camera is to be launched by the middle of 2010. Tower Semiconductor with integrate its CMOS image sensor into the miniature camera manufactured by Medigus. It is worth mentioning that the CMOS imager is used in gastroenterology, natural orifice transluminal endoscopy surgery, bronchoscopy and orthopedics.

The latest invention from the two companies will feature tiny electronics along with objective lenses created by Medigus. In addition the camera will incorporate the CMOS imager that measures just 700 x 700 microns, informs TG Daily.

With a special housing the tiny camera is just 1.2mm x 5mm long, it's completely disposable and there will be no need to pass the sterilization process which is often used in endoscopic procedures. According to Dr Elazar Sonnenschein, CEO of Medigus, their latest invention is a great step towards new medical applications, allowing carrying out procedures that were previously impossible.

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