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Latest Invention: World's Slimmest 4K2K IPS Alpha Monitor from Panasonic


CES 2012 carries on and another interesting technology has been presented by Panasonic. The company unveiled what appears to be the world's slimmest 4K2K-resolution, 20-inch IPS Alpha LCD monitor.

This ultra-high definition panel is just 3.5mm thick, boasting a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. In addition, the monitor has the "world's highest pixel density of 216 pixels per inch."

It would be interesting to note that the new IPS Alpha display features two main Panasonic technologies: one represents a new type of pixel structure that, according to the firm, lowers the level of effects of electrical fields produced by high pixel density.

The other technology represents a new liquid-crystal molecular orientation process.

The combination of the two leads to high-contrast ratio, high-gradation color reproducibility, which in turn leads to a volume of data that is 4 times that of an HDTV, but with the same level of power used.

The monitor also boasts a 178 degrees horizontal and vertical viewing angles.

So far Panasonic did not provide information on whether the panel will be launched onto the market.

[via Panasonic]

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