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Latest Invention: XOS 2- New Generation Exoskeleton from Raytheon


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The American defense manufacturer that focuses on the development on defense systems and defense electronics, Raytheon, has recently demonstrated its latest invention - second generation exoskeleton.

Dubbed XOS2, the robotic suit is more lightweight, faster and stronger compared to its predecessor XOS 1. In addition, the new exoskeleton consumes less power.

It is worth mentioning that the company's latest invention allows its wearer to lift 200 pounds hundreds of times and not get tired. Developed for the U.S. Army, the suit also allows the user to punch through 3 inches of wood.

Besides being durable and increasing the wearer's power, the robotic suit is agile and graceful enough to allow the user to easily kick a soccer ball or climb stairs.

The main goal of Raytheon's exoskeleton is to handle certain logistics problems both on and off the battlefield, informs Gizmag.

Powered by an internal combustion engine, the XOS 2 will also be able to double and even triple the mount of work executed by one person.

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