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Latest Inventions of 2011


InstantTrust - UV Water Purifier

Developed by Philips Lighting, this portable device called InstantTrust makes use of ultraviolet light to clean water. Read more...

Pavegen Tiles - Power through Kinetic Energy

Laurence Kembell-Cook, manager at Pavegen Systems, came up with these tiles as an environmentally-friendly way of generating power. The tiles are able to produce power using of kinetic energy they harness when someone steps on them. Read more...

Mirror that Shows Your Heart Rate

This concept Cardiocam Mirror, presented at last year's SIGGRAPH 2011 Emerging Technologies program was developed by a team of MIT Media Lab students. The invention shows the heart rate of the person looking at their reflection. The information is presented on the surface of the mirror. Read more...

Electric Helicopter

Last year we were able to witness the presentation of the world's first electric helicopter. The flying vehicle was built by Pascal Chretien, an electrical and aerospace engineer. Read more...

Sound-Absorbing Curtain

Invented by researchers at Empa, textile designer Annette Douglas and Weisbrod-Zurrer AG, the curtains are five times more effective in absorbing sound waves than their modern counterparts. Read more...

Exoskeleton for Paraplegics

This skeleton, meant to help paraplegics to walk, was built by the founder of Argo Medical Technologies, Amit Goffer. Read more...

Solarball - Water Purification Invention

The author of the Solarball is Jonathan Liow, a Monash University graduate. The device represents a small and yet effective water-purification device. It is green and inexpensive to build. Read more...

BrainDriver - Control Your Car with Your Mind

Invented by Raul Rojas, the BrainDriver is a car system that makes it possible for the driver to control the vehicle using just their power of mind. It is worth mentioning that Rojas is an AI professor at the Freie Universitat Berlin. Read more...

Solar-Powered Roads

The idea to create roads that would be dry and thus non-slippery was proposed by Rajib Mallick, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering who works at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He offered using special pipes fitted in pavement and heated by the sun. Read more...

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