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Top 10 Latest Inventions of December 2010


Robots Closer to Humans

A scientist from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tsukuba, Japan, and his team are developing a system that would allow robots to take advantage of the objects surrounding them, performing different complex tasks. According to Sebastien Lengagne it is more important to teach machines to use the objects around them instead of teaching how to avoid them.


Anti-Stress Pen

You can spot when a person is nervous if that person fidgets a pen in their hands. Taking this into consideration, a student from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands decided to come up with a special pen that can reduce stress.


Device that Creates Rainbows

Everyone, especially children, is fascinated about rainbows. A researcher from Virginia Commonwealth University decided to create a machine that can generate artificial rainbows anytime, anywhere.


Holographic Digital Maps

Researchers from Zebra Imaging developed a technology that allows people to view holographic digital maps, meaning that it possible to observe a 3D image of a particular region on a flat surface.


Device that Converts Light into Energy

Developed by Sony, the device called Hana Mado (or "Flower Window") can turn light into electricity. The flower is in fact a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC).


Device that Converts Heat and Light into Power

Being able to convert light and heat into electricity, the device from researchers at Fujitsu Laboratories can be used in various devices, especially in those used in the medical field.


Pads that Generate Energy from Passing Trains

These pads were invented by researchers from a company based in Israel. In order to create the pads, scientists from Innowattech decided to work together with specialists from the National Railway Company of Israel.


Air Conditioner that Harnesses Solar Energy

The solar-powered air conditioner was developed by a Chinese company called Gree Electric Appliances. It would be interesting to note that excess of energy produced by the air conditioner is sent to the power grid.


iPhone App that Translates Foreign Words on Pictures

An application known as Word Lens is now available for all iPhone users. The app allows the user to translate foreign words written in books, menus, on road signs and other surfaces from Spanish into English and vice versa. Researchers are now working on adding more languages to the application.


eReader that Harnesses Solar Energy

This is the world's first ebook reader that makes use of solar energy and it was developed by Toshiba. The device equipped with a solar panel will be sold in Japan and it is yet unknown whether it hits other markets.


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