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Leaf - Minimalistic Wireless Solar-powered Charger for Portable Device


Joel Lim is the author of a futuristic charger that not only boasts a nice ultra sleek design, but also makes use of green energy.

The minimalistic device is called Leaf. It uses solar power to charge different portable gadgets without any additional wires.

It is worth mentioning that Joel decided to install a series of photovoltaic panels on one side the device. At the same time he placed a magnetic induction charging pad on the opposite side of the Leaf.

All that the user has to do in order to start using the Leaf is place it under sunlight and 7 hours will be enough to fully charge the device. Afterwards the user is free to place their cell phone, for example, to charge it.

The author of the design also included light indicators that show the amount of power that the Leaf's onboard battery still has.

In case there's not enough space on the Leaf, one can charge an additional gadget via a USB port.

In addition, the solar-powered charger can also be plugged into conventional power sockets. This, of course, will be necessary if the weather outside is cloudy.

More about the designer and his works can be found here.

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