Monday, 12 Mar, 2012 Technology

LED Wallpaper from Ingo Maurer Brings Life to Your Walls


The author of Birdie Lights recently unveiled his latest creation called Architects Paper. The glowing wallpaper from the German light designer Ingo Maurer is composed of a huge circuit board printed on paper.

The geometric 24-inch wide LED wallpaper is able to change colors and the user can select the design it illuminates.

This eco-friendly invention with no doubt will enrich any wall in any environment. It is very easy to mount. The user simply has to connect the wallpaper to the mains and use a small control to adjust brightness and charge colors.

Due to its handy adhesive back, the Architects Paper can be easily attached to the wall. It would be interesting to note that the customer is able to create their own design by placing the 840 LED lights according to their taste.

[via Experimenta]

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