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Lego to Present Its First Mobile Phone


The popular toy company with headquarters in Billund, Denmark, Lego, looks forward to make a drastic move into the gadgets market. According to the information leaked on the Internet, the company is going to launch a mobile phone.

Lego's mobile phone features a plastic casing, which is made of several colorful Lego bricks. In addition, the user can change the color of the bricks so the phone would suit his or her mood. By clicking a new piece of Lego, the user can change the color of the number keypad. The process resembles the construction of a Lego building. Thus the company shows that the gadget has its unique features that are common only for Lego.

There is also information regarding the price of the phone, which ranges between $20 and $60. In addition, it is known that Lego's mobile phone is currently aimed at the American and Asian markets. The mobile phone will include a digital camera, an MP3 player as well as a walkie-talkie.

It is worth mentioning that the company previously did experiment with electronics, which is why it became quite daring about finding a niche in this field.

The companies that worked on the development of Lego mobile phone are Digital Blue, which specializes in electronics for children, and Paris-based Alcatel, a global telecommunications corporation, informs

It is expected that the mobile phone from Lego will be officially presented next week at Mobile World Congress, which combines the largest exhibition for the mobile industry in the world and a congress that gathers Chief Executives of the biggest mobile operators, vendors and content owners worldwide.

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