Wednesday, 20 May, 2009 Technology

LG Announces Thinnest LCD-TV Panel in the World


The South Korea electronic giant LG Display recently announced that it has created what the company claims to be the slimmest LCD television panel in the world. LG mentioned that its liquid crystal display is thinner than a pencil.

In its statement the company said that the new panel can be 42 or 47-inches wide. An edge-lit LED backlight system is the technology that allowed engineers from LG Display to create an LCD-TV panel that is only 5.9mm (0.2-inches) thick.

It is worth mentioning that today LG is the second largest LCD manufacturer in the world. Its latest panels weight 6.1 kg (42") (13.4 pounds) and 7.3 kg (47"), which about half as much as the traditional panel.

"The displays can reproduce a rich range of natural-looking colors with a color saturation level of 80 percent," said the company in a statement. It also outlined that the two monitors have the ability to eliminate motion blur and provide a full HD resolution.

Samsung Electronics and LG Display are the two leading companies on the global market of flat panel screens. Both are currently competing to manufacture thinner panels for HD televisions.

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