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LG Electronics to Present World's Largest 55-inch OLED TV at CES 2012


Each year on January, various companies get together at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to present their latest and upcoming technologies.

This year is no exception, and LG Electronics is the company that we are going to focus on in this post.

At this year's CES the company looks forward to presenting its new HDTV which it claims to be the world's largest OLED TV boasting a 55-inch display and a thickness of just 4 mm. The device is also rather light, weighting only 7.5 kilograms.

It is worth mentioning that LG's new television set makes use of advanced OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology with "4-Color Pixels and Color Refiner" features. The latter produce natural and accurate colors.

It would be interesting to note that the OLED TVs work about 1,000 times faster than their LED/LCD counterparts.

The famous Korean company also plans to unveil at CES its 84-inch 3D Ultra Definition TV, which boasts 8 million pixels.

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