Monday, 03 Sep, 2012 Technology

LG LSM-300 - Mouse that Doubles as Scanner


At IFA the tech company LG has presented its latest gadget - a mouse that doubles as a scanner.

Dubbed LSM-300 that mouse can be moved back-and-forth across a document (a map or photographs) and it will scan and then send the image onto a PC. It is worth mentioning that the device is compatible with Windows XP, Vista 7/Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

The images are transmitted via a wireless 2.4 GHz connection at 1,200 dots per inch. After scanning in the image, the pre-installed software helps the user upload it to the usual social networking suspects. It is also possible to upload it to Evernote and Google Translate, if the data on the image is not in your native language.

[via Dvice]

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