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Lift Tables that Offer Safe and Efficient Delivery of Products


In order to meet the needs of businesses that require accurate, safe, efficient and, most importantly, less time-consuming delivery of products, Pentalift came up with quality loading dock equipment, lift tables as well as positioning equipment. For the last 25 years the company turned into one of the largest U.S. manufacturers in the field and today it designs and offers solutions for specific applications.

As one of the leaders in designing and developing custom lift tables, the Pentalift is a company where sales and engineering experts work with customers in order to guarantee a safe and efficient installation.

The main priority of the company is to assure safety at the loading dock, which is why its loading dock equipment is designed by taking into consideration every detail. The wide range of lift tables the company offers includes: pneumatic lift tables, multistage lift table, hydraulic lift tables and more. Each product is described in Pentalift's new catalogue.

To provide a quick delivery of goods, the company developed a series of hydraulic lift tables. These tables offer lift, rotate and tilt functionality to meet different industrial needs.

The goal of Pentalift is to create quality products and provide a high level of customer service. Thus, customers will not only get a durable lift table, they will also benefit from well-organized and cost-effective material handling solutions.

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