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List of Computer Viruses Developed in 1990s


The 1990s marked a great evolution of computer viruses, especially those that were created to infect Windows OS files. Below you will find a computer virus list that includes viruses created during the 1990s.

Chameleon polymorphic computer virus - 1991

First in the computer virus list are the first polymorphic viruses that appeared at the beginning of the last decade of the 20th century. The world faced a true problem associated with these viruses in April 1991. A real epidemic around the globe was caused in particular by the Tequila virus. Another popular polymorphic virus was the Chameleon. This computer virus was also known as V2P1, V2P2, and V2P6. After its appearance the developers of anti-virus programs were forced to search for other methods of virus detection. Here are some of the polymorphic viruses that appeared in this period: Bootache, CivilWar, Crusher, Dudley, Fly, Freddy, Ginger, Grog, Haifa, Moctezuma, MVF, Necros, Nukehard, PcFly, Predator, Satanbug, Sandra, Shoker, Todor, Tremor, Trigger and Uruguay.

Dedicated computer virus - 1992

The Dedicated virus appeared in 1992 and represented an encrypted computer virus that takes advantage of stealth techniques in order to avoid being spotted. It infected .COM files and that includes command. Com. As soon as the computer virus is loaded into memory (whenever an infected program is executed) it causes damage to the machine's runtime operation and affects program files.

Shifter, SrcVir and OneHalf - 1994

These three computer viruses appeared in 1994. The first one was the Shifter, computer virus that was able to infect object modules (OBJ files). In April the world witnessed the appearance of SrcVir that infected program source code (C and Pascal). June 1994 saw the introduction of OneHalf, considered to be one of the most dangerous computer viruses in Russia.

The Concept Virus - 1995

For the first time Concept was identified in August 1995, when Microsoft launched its popular operating system Windows 95. The computer virus was able to infect Word files and as long as the user used Microsoft Office application, the virus would work on an IBM PC or a Macintosh. The appearance of the Concept virus marked a turning point in the history of computer viruses and anti-viruses since it was the first "alive" virus for MS Word. In just a few month the computer virus infected a high number of machines around the globe that had MS Word installed.

Laroux computer virus - 1996

This virus was spotted in August 1996. It infected Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and just like in the case of the Concept, described previously in our computer virus list, the Laroux virus was identified almost simultaneously by a number of companies. The Laroux computer virus affected the files of Excel 5 and Excel for Microsoft's Windows 95.

Win.Tentacle - 1996

This computer virus caused the first Windows 3.x virus epidemic. It managed to infect a computer network in a hospital and in a number of other institutions located in France. The virus infected Windows 16 bit executable files. After staying in memory for some time it infected other Windows files. It was also noticed that the virus infected files with GIF extension.

W32.HLLP.DeTroie - 1998

Just like most of viruses described in our computer virus list, this one led to a real epidemic. Besides being able to infect Windows32 executed files, W32.HLLP.DeTroie could also convey to its "owner" the data stored on the infected machine. Due to the fact that the virus and some of its variants employed particular libraries that were attached only to the French version of Windows, only computers of the French speaking nations were affected. The virus was written in Delphi and it also had a backdoor capability, allowing the "owner" to access the infected system.

Happy99 computer virus - 1999

January of 1999 marked the beginning of the global epidemic of the Happy99 computer virus. As a matter of fact, Happy99 represented the first worm as we know it today, thus leading to a new chapter in the history of malware evolution. The virus used MS Outlook, which by that time had already been widely used by both European and American users. Although the virus appeared ten years ago, till nowadays it is considered to be one of the most widespread dangerous programs. You can find more information on computer viruses here at www.InfoNIAC.com, please consider checking the links at the bottom of the story.

New computer viruses with highly unusual methods of infection

During the 1990s, a lot of new computer viruses started using highly unusual methods of infecting various files, loading into the computer system and more. Some of them include: PMBS, Strange (aka Hmm), Shadowgard, Carbunkle, Emmie, Metallica, Bomber, Uruguay and Cruncher.

Our computer virus list ends with several other viruses developed during the 1990s, these are:

  • 1990: Murphy, Nomenclatura, Beast;
  • 1991: Dir_II, Tequila;
  • 1992: Win.Vir_1_4, Michelangelo (a.k.a. March6);
  • 1994: SMEG.Pathogen, SMEG.Queeg;
  • 1995: NightFall, Nostardamus, Nutcracker, ByWay, DieHard2;
  • 1996: Win95.Punch, Laroux, OS2.AEP, Zhengxi, Win95.Boza;
  • 1997: Esperanto, Homer, ShareFun, Linux.Bliss;
  • 1998: Win95.CIH, RedTeam, Cross, AccessiV, Win95.HPS, Win95.Marburg, Excel4.Paix;
  • 1999: GaLaDRieL, ExploreZip, Toadie (a.k.a. Termite), Bubbleboy, KakWorm, FunLove, Vecna.
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