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Listen Here - Invention that Allows Tourists to Hear the City in Real-Time


Nicola Hume, a Product Design graduate from the University of Aberdeen, UK, came up with a system that allows tourists to hear the sounds that surround different sights of the places they visit.

Dubbed Listen Here, the system makes it possible for people to hear audio from different places of a city without having to visit each place. The sounds are transmitted through microphones installed at different locations. They send signals to a central map where people can point to a location and then listen to the sounds of that location in real time.

The microphones are placed by locals in their favorite parts of the city. It is worth mentioning that each microphone is connected to a bike lock and includes an attached key for more security. In addition, each key has its RFID tag that the user can remove and place on the central map at the location where the mic has been installed.

When a tourists approaches the map, they can move a special RFID reader over each mark and receive a real-time audio feedback from each location.

The general idea of the invention is to motivate tourists to visit places that are usually not considered popular sightseeing spots. Another goal is to help people get a true feel of a specific environment as a whole.

Check out the video below to get a better understanding of how the system works.

[via Nicola Hume]

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