Thursday, 23 Aug, 2012 Technology

Live2D - Technology that Creates 3D Animation Out of 2D Images


Cybernoids, a Japanese company based in Tokyo, has recently presented Live2D, the world's first drawing technology that allows creating 3D animation out of 2D images.

It would be interesting to note that this technology supports various portable consoles and smartphones and now it is already being used for video games that have hand drawn artwork.

At the moment, Live2D is only used for dialog-type video games with little or no movement. However, in the next couple of years the Japanese firm looks forward to using its new tools to make 3D animation from 2D images in such games.

According to the company's representative, Cybernoids plans to spread its technology worldwide, with the final goal being turning its technology into a de facto standard around the globe.

[via DigInfo]

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