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Lockheed Martin Improves its Robotic Exoskeleton Called HULC


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The HULC Robotic Exoskeleton MK II developed by Lockheed Martin has been upgraded. The company carried out a number of evaluation tests of its new exoskeleton.

Now the hydraulic "power-suit" features improved protection and is much easier to adjust than the previous model. In addition, the exoskeleton boasts an increased run-time and new control software.

It is worth mentioning that HULC (Human Universal Load Carrier) is just one of several exoskeleton developed for both the military and civilians.

Soldiers equipped with HULC are stronger and faster, and can carry heavy loads of up to 200lbs through a rough terrain at a speed of 7mph with 10mph bursts. The machine can register a range of 12 miles at lower speeds.

In order to lift loads the exoskeleton uses power-assisted straps. According to Lockheed Martin, HULC has a better operational runtime, which was achieved with the help of military-standard rechargeable batteries, reports Gizmag.

The company believes that its improved exoskeleton could be used in various industrial applications and even in healthcare.

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