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London Eye Light Show Displays Brits' Emotions about the 2012 Olympics Based on Tweets


The famous London Eye has been turned into a light show that shows the feelings of British people about the Olympics. The project was developed together with a group of graduates from MIT.

The 120 meter (394 ft) tall London attraction will visually illustrate what Brits think about the London 2012 Olympics, as interpreted via their tweets.

It is worth mentioning that the light show will take place from 9 pm to 9:30 pm and it will begin by illuminating part of the London Eye to show the amount of "positive energy" expressed towards the games.

To be able to calculate the "Energy of the Nation" and display it on the London landmark, researchers used an algorithm which linguistically examines tweets about the Games from the U.K. and divides them into positive and negative conversations.

Afterwards the landmark will display the Union Flag along with gold, silver or bronze lighting, to mark the day's main sporting moments and rejoice the color of the medals won by Team GB.

[via EDF Energy]

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