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Luminous LED Dress Equipped With Old Film Frames


The fashionistas who also happen to be gadget geeks will most likely enjoy wearing this dress equipped with LED backlights.

When the lights dim, the dress turns on its LEDs, unveiling a series of old film slides displaying numerous little snapshots.

It is worth mentioning that the garment was created by Emily Steel, who is currently a student at Victoria University of Wellington's School of Design in New Zealand. The LED dress is part of her Wearable Technology project. To make it, the student used LEDs, old film and an Arduino Lilypad.

Some of the frames of film in the garment are backed with LEDs. The latter are controlled with the help of a light sensor linked to the Lilypad. The sensor is used to detect the level of light and thus it is able to steadily backlight the film frame when the light in the room is diming. It would be interesting to note that the lights on the dress can pulse to highlight specific images at a time.

On her website, the developer of the dress says that she was inspired by the classic movies.

[via Emily Steel's Little Slide Dress]

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