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Lunar - Sculpture that Uses Solar Energy to Produce Moonlight


Spencer Finch is a talented artist who has recently unveiled his latest creation - a sculpture that resembles a lunar landing module that has arrived back to Earth with "moonlight onboard".

The work was installed and can be observed on the roof of the Art Institute of Chicago. Dubbed simply Lunar, the sculpture has the shape of a "buckyball" and it glows with the light provided by a full moon over Chicago.

With the help of a colorimeter, the artists managed to estimate the amount of moonlight in the megapolis during summer. It is worth mentioning that the colorimeter is an apparatus that calculates the average color and temperature of light in a particular location and time.

In order to reconstruct the luminosity, Finch made use of LED lights with a bluer quality. He filtered the LEDs through the orange polycarbonate of the buckyball.

Lunar weights 2,500 pounds and is equipped with solar panels that gather sunlight all through the day and convert it to moonlight over the gloomy autumn and winter months.

The construction will be on display until April 8, 2012. To find out more about the work and its artists click here.

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