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Luxurious Yacht that Transforms Into Airplane


The French cabin designer for Airbus Yelken Octuri has come up with an idea of creating a yacht that can fly. He wanted to make a vehicle that would combine his talent as an aircraft designer and his passion of the seas.

Despite the fact that the luxurious "Flying Yacht" is so far only a design and considered by most a science fiction, it gathered a lot of attention when it was exhibited at Paris' Air and Space Museum.

However, the designer's idea may not a far from being brought into life. Octuri has already been approached by several engineers and airplane designers who were willing to actually realize the concept.

Octuri says that his 46-meter "Flying Yacht" can turn into an airplane using its mobile masts. When it is on the water, the four 40-meters high mobile masts can be individually adjusted using a double-jack system, which ensures best possible positioning, regardless of wind direction, reports CNN.

In case the "Flying Yacht" needs to be transformed into a jetplane, the masts are lowered, thus becoming horizontal wings. It would be interesting to note that onboard the "Flying Yacht" there is a lower deck that includes main room, kitchen and toilet, and the upper deck, featuring three plush bedrooms and a luxurious bathroom.

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