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Mahru-Z - Robot that Does House Chores


Meet Mahru-Z, a robot that was developed by South Korean researchers to help you clean your house and wash your clothes. The walking robot with a human-like body has a 3D vision and besides being able to throw clothes in a washing, it can heat the food for you in a microwave, pick up cups, and other objects it senses.

The head, arms, legs and even fingers can move and its 3D vision helps the machine identify tasks that have to be undertaken. According to Korea Times, Mahru-Z represents the latest model from Mahru robots line.

"The most distinctive strength of Mahru-Z is its visual ability to observe objects, recognise the tasks needed to be completed, and execute them," said You Bum-Jae, the lead-researchers in the cognitive robot centre at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology.

It took the Korean scientists about 2 years to create the 1.3-meter tall robot that weights 55 kilograms. The machine can be remotely controlled via a computer server.

Mahru-Z can also be used in situations that are dangerous for people. However, the robot is not going to be mass produced yet and there's currently no information on when it will hit the market.

Each year, scientists from the institute spend about $3.8 million on robot research, obtaining funds for their project form the Korean government since 2006.

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