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MAMCO - Top Quality Pressure Control Switches


Being one of the leading companies that offer air compressor pressure switches, water pump pressure switches and the like, Mamco Precision Switches can boast an experience of over half a century. What keeps the company ahead of its nearest rivals is a non-stop innovation process.

Having the goal of providing only the highest quality products the company teamed up with LEFOO Industrial Co., a company based in The People’s Republic of China.

Specialists at MAMCO do the best they can to satisfy its customers and deliver their pressure switches on time. To ensure quality service, the company's experts use combined resources, and thus meet customers' expectations. It is worth mentioning that the company is proud to have highly trained personnel with a rich experience.

MAMCO is aware that one of the main aspects of a successful business is the research and development stage, which is why it makes big investments in this direction to generate quality and cost-effective products. MAMCO's website offers detailed information on each of the products it manufactures and it is easy to surf through if you want to find a specific product.

The company's pressure switches are both strong and reliable and can be used for different OEM applications. In addition the pressure switches boast innovative designs, having an extended life and able to resist tough conditions.

The differential pressure switches provided by MAMCO can be used in different application where switch placement is needed. It would be worth mentioning that the company's differential pressure switches are considered to be the best on the market.

MAMCO is also the manufacturer of air compressor pressure switches that offer the best pressure regulation for air compressors. Some of the air compressor pressure switches features an auto On/Off button so one could shut off the compressor manually.

Each day MAMCO provides top quality products and continuously improves its services, setting and maintaining high standards in the fields of customer service and product manufacturing.

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