Thursday, 30 Aug, 2012 Technology

Man Builds Working Life-Sized Go-Kart from LEGO


We've seen a lot of incredible things made from LEGO pieces, but very few of them can actually work. One of the latest grandiose LEGO creations was made by Eric Steenstra, a fan of LEGO from the Netherlands.

He managed to build a life-sized go-cart from LEGO pieces, but the most interesting thing about the creation is that it is big and strong enough to carry Eric's tween son. The creator of the go-cart used only LEGO blocks, without any metal parts or glue.

The vehicle, weighting 135 pounds (61, 235 kilos), is powered by 48 Mindstorms motors.

Currently, according to Steenstra, the cart is a work in progress, and when it is finished, the vehicle will boast a proper steering.

[via Make]

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