Tuesday, 08 Jun, 2010 Technology

Man Hears Colors Using the Eyeborg


Neil Harbisson is a 28-year-old man who was diagnosed with a medical syndrome called achromatopsia, which means he is unable to perceive color and achieve normal visual acuity at high light levels.

After Neil met Adam Montandon, the black and white world he previously saw started showing new colors. Adam teamed up with Peter Kese, a Slovenian software developer, to create the eyeborg, which represents a head-mounted camera that picks up different colors and transforms them into sound waves, informs Gizmodo.

By wearing the eyeborg, Neil Harbisson is able to hear the sound waves. He is the first person who was offered the possibility to "hear colors" and now he is able to see 360 color hues. If Neil adjusts volume levels he can also measure color saturation.

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