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Manual Deskterity from Microsoft - Upgrading Touchscreen Experience


The software giant Microsoft came up with "Manual Deskterity" - tech that allows mixing finger touch and pen to provide a more realistic experience for a person using the company's tabletop computer Microsoft Surface and latest versions of Windows 7 tablet.

By using the company's latest technology, it is possible to move around virtual papers on your desk, writing certain notes on them and then storing these papers into particular folders. Some of the applications can be operated using a pen while others are much easier to operate with fingers. At the same time there are applications that need the combination of the two.

To watch some of the possible uses of the new technology check out the video below. Microsoft announced plans to use the same technology for mobile devices, reports

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//1 Jun 17, 2010 08:23 PM | posted by: paulgeo84 [InfoKID]
could this tecnology be in storage use , use matrix s/w to store info . and the display in such a passion. the matrix can
manupulate in 3d as 3by3 matrix six suggrigate terminal in a box , make as a cubic ,the display terminal to turing of pages and drag to minimize the mail box to and all the display calculations.chip can display the feature... with artifical chemistry of design and Artifical intelligence system in mobiles.could that be a new technology in mobile
the computer could use turning the page , by making small size and to bigger size , drag to display the page from a 3d box ,in same a field

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