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Mattel Apptivity Play - Great Way of Using Real Toys for Interacting with the iPad


Recently Mattel has presented its Apptivity Play toys, plastic toys that children can use to interact with game apps on the iPad and get the possibility to unlock additional content.

The Apptivity Play toys are made of plastic that completely safe for the screen, meaning that you won't find any scratches after kids played with them. This is because the toys are equipped with rubber touch points attached to the base.

When placed on the iPad that is running the Apptivity application, the simple plastic toys automatically unlock extra features, including new levels, modes and characters in games. The rubber touch points are recognized by several video games available on the iPad, including Angry Birds, Cut the Rope andFruit Ninja, and of course Mattel brands like Hot Wheels, WWE Rumblers and Batman The Dark Knight Rises.

When playing with the toys, one can also use tap and swap control functions. In addition, some toys have action buttons. For example, while playing the Hot Wheels Apptivity app, players can steer their special Hot Wheels plastic vehicles, and each car has its own features.

To play the Cut the Rope game, a green character of Om Nom can be moved across the display to collect candy. The Fruit Ninja game allows the user to control the Sensei Apptivity figure on an iPad.

[via Mattel]

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