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McLaren P1 - Newest Supercar to Become the Company's Flagship


Meet McLaren P1, the successor of the company's F1 model. The firm recently released images of its latest supercar - a week before its official world premiere.

In developing the vehicle, McLaren allowed its designers to run wild and the final product is a masterpiece with bulging curves, headlamps shaped like fangs, pen-stroke tail-lamps, large rear diffuser and skirts that can be spotted running along the flanks.

The car's cabin design and the rooftop air intake were, nevertheless, borrowed from the F1 model.

According to McLaren Automotive Managing Director Antony Sheriff, the goal was to create "the most exciting, most capable, most technologically advanced and most dynamically accomplished supercar ever made."

So far little information on the car has been given. However, according to reports McLaren P1 will be powered by an 800-hp V8 engine, with an increase of up to 200hp arriving from a kinetic energy recovery system.

The production is expected to start in late 2013. On the image you can see a design study. The actual car could feature updated or overhauled styling.

[via McLaren]

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