Monday, 01 Aug, 2011 Technology

Mechanism that Turns Visual Arts into Sound and Vice Versa


Robert Corish, a talented digital interactive artist developed a device that can turn visual marks into sound and vice-versa. While carrying out different trials with sound synthesis, he discovered that it was possible to make use of an interactive mechanism where sound can be produced and activated.

Corish's synthesis theory states that a mark can generate sound corresponding to it. This led him to the idea that sound can also produce the visual mark.

In order to test his theory, the artist developed an entire mechanism of synthesized feedback. The main components of his device are: a roll of paper, ink, speaker, a Max/MSP/jitter and a webcam.

Here's how it works: the webcam reads ink nib marks produced on the roll of paper and transmit the data on to Max/MSP/Jitter patch. The later in its turn turns these visual signals into digital sounds.

It is worth mentioning that the sound generated in such a way depends on the shape, angle and size of the mark. It [sound] enacts as a feedback which engages the ink to make a mark that corresponds to the sound. Find out more about the mechanism here.

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