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Mental Health Check System for Cell Phone Users


Sakurai Co Ltd, a Japanese company that operates in mental health business, together with Tokai University, recently presented their latest invention - a system for mental health check through cell phones. Their project is called "Fish Bowl Index".

The official presentation day of the service is February 1, 2009. The Fish Bowl Index was developed for both, individual users and companies. The service makes it possible for users to verify their current mental condition, whenever they feel stressed or depressed.

The latest invention of the Japanese researchers offers users nine questions. After answering them, the system reveals the current stress level, which is visually represented by a red goldfish swimming in a fishbowl. The fish in the bowl gets more injuries as the level of user's stress increases.

In case the user has a different kind of stress, there can be another image, for instance a black goldfish, stones in the fishbowl or a cat outside the bowl. All of these images are symbolic: the black goldfish shows interpersonal stress, the cat represents social stress and the stones symbolize other types of stresses. As for the fishbowl, it represents family conditions. If the level of stress registers a significant increase then the fishbowl can crack. The level of depression is represented by the clarity of the water, thus the higher the level of depression, the worse is the clarity.

Experts at Tokai University and Sakurai say that their latest invention can be used to maintain mental health on a daily basis. Engineers at Tokai University and Sakurai, look forward to showing the system at Technical Show Yokohama 2009. The exhibition will take place from February 4 to February 6, 2009, at Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama City.

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