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MetaWatch - Device that Can Interconnect All the Internet Devices


Visitors of the HP's Future of Innovation event were able to witness the presentation of a metal watch that is able to interconnect all of a user's internet devices.

The idea of such a watch came to and was developed by watch company Fossil.

Due to the fact that HP, CTO Phil McKinney skipped a lot of details, the way the device functions still remains a mystery.

At the event McKinney said: "I revealed some concept models of what we referred to as the "connected watch". So the concept was that the watch would become the aggregation point for your connectivity."

With the help of the watch, the user will be able to connect to the cloud and personalize their information by referring to it.

The user will be able to obtain data by using the watch and also interact with other wireless information devices.

So far it is also unknown whether the MetaWatch would feature a web browser or not. However, McKinney mentioned that the device can be used as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot in the near future.

According to McKinney, the device gets information from and is able to "display, respond and interact with the applications running on the wireless devices you have." Thus the MetaWatch displays email, calendars and the like, reports The Register.

Below you can see the question-answer session of the MetaWatch. It can somewhat clarify what the device actually is and how it works.

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