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Miapolis - Skyscraper Higher that Burj Khalifa Designed for Watson Island, Miami


Miapolis is the brainchild of Kobi Karp, an architectural firm with headquarters in Miami. The skyscraper represents a 975-meter structure that is planned to be built for Watson Island.

If the plan will be successfully accomplished, the building will surpass the currently highest structure in the world - Burj Khalife in Dubai, which is 183 meters high.

Miapolis includes an amusement park, observatory, several restaurants and a wide range of shops that occupy a total area of 1.96 million square feet. In addition, the 160-story high tower will include 1,000 apartments, a hotel with 792 rooms and office space totaling 1 million square feet, reports WorldArchitectureNews.

The project is expected to provide 35,000 permanent and 46,000 construction jobs. Miapolis is expected bring the City each year $39 million. It will also generate about $2.5 billion to the local economy.

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//1 Mar 19, 2012 07:56 AM | posted by: CM Ferre
This is BS...Kobi Karp had very little to do with this project other than he was a hired hand and did what the developers asked and was paid minimally to do so. This project was transported from an earlier design for Bicentennial Park. Kobi and his team hardly have an understanding of the design for tall structures. He neither worked with engineers nor experts for towers of this magnitude. This would be the equivalent of a design students submission for a tower with the advent of sophisticated rendering tools. Kobi and his team are hired hacks, nothing more.

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