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Miapolis - Skyscraper Higher that Burj Khalifa Designed for Watson Island, Miami


Miapolis is the brainchild of Kobi Karp, an architectural firm with headquarters in Miami. The skyscraper represents a 975-meter structure that is planned to be built for Watson Island.

If the plan will be successfully accomplished, the building will surpass the currently highest structure in the world - Burj Khalife in Dubai, which is 183 meters high.

Miapolis includes an amusement park, observatory, several restaurants and a wide range of shops that occupy a total area of 1.96 million square feet. In addition, the 160-story high tower will include 1,000 apartments, a hotel with 792 rooms and office space totaling 1 million square feet, reports WorldArchitectureNews.

The project is expected to provide 35,000 permanent and 46,000 construction jobs. Miapolis is expected bring the City each year $39 million. It will also generate about $2.5 billion to the local economy.

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