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Microsoft Identified percents of its OS as Counterfeit in 2006


Microsoft's Windows genuine Advantage program revealed 22% of all operating systems from Microsoft as unauthorized for usage. The WGA is a part of Microsoft's anti-piracy program which is meant to reduce the overall number of pirated copies of Windows XP and Vista worldwide.

Cori Hartje, director for anti-piracy at Microsoft, said that starting from March 2005, when the program was first launched and until March 2007 the WGA analyzed over 600 million unique software.

The Redmond company,as a part of Microsoft's anti-piracy efforts, has become a major contributor at dissolving a vast software counterfeiting syndicate, based in China, and at showing statistics for the WGA work over these two years. It is worth mentioning that the harm made by the syndicate, by throwing onto the global market counterfeit Microsoft software, was estimated of over $2 billion.

According to the Redmond company Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage gives the software giant's customers a possibility to validate their copy of the OS remotely. The statistics show that since July 2005, 512 million copies were run through the validation process, whereas in 2006 about 400 million, 22.3% of which did not pass the validation. This way Microsoft alone identified about 90 million copies of counterfeit Microsoft software and additionally, within the last 18 months, 914,177 copies were seized by low enforcements worldwide. Not quite pleasant figures for Microsoft. The report of the Redmond company also draws attention that the WGA played an important role in seizing the Chinese software pirating syndicate.

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